Poet, Writer, Media Maker, Facilitator


Who I am. As far as I am aware.


Adrian B Earle is a Poet, Media Maker, Facilitator and storyteller; Producer & Managing Director at VerseFirst Productions and Co founder and Director of the Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal.
He creates work, promotes and develops the poetry of others because of his belief that society is comprised of the stories we tell and the modes in which we tell them. Only by the marginalised taking ownership of their stories can society be changed for the better

He is an MA Creative writer at Birmingham City University and a spoken word poet who performs under the name Think/Write/Fly. Part of the 2019 Hippodrome Young Poets Cohort and a Burning Eye Poet He runs workshops on writing poetry for performance and experimental Poetics.

Adrian likes to focus his poems on the patterns in our modes of speech, our evolving relationships to each other and what it means to be part of the ‘other’ in an age of technology that amplifies some and silences others.

He likes to build new poetic forms and break others. collaborating with fine artists, film makers & sound designers to make artefacts out of his poems and poetry from pieces of art.

His work hopes to poke at the boundary lines between visual, audible and written artistic expression. most recently he has been experimenting with the use of recording and audio sequencing technology to create narrative bin-aural performance poems designed for performance in darkness.


BA Hons English and Drama 2013

MA creative Writing 2018

T/W/F = A.B.Earle