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the air growls guttural/ sixteen men opposed
our phalanx of eight/ bound tight as ions
tried against/ their covalent lock which
ten times held fast/ against a tonne of man.

our backs: lean Hermes/ & Apollo wait the pass
from Zoran God of speed/ these are the men
you stand against now/ now all of us against
the mud and sleet/ on this eleventh time

plumes of sweat bound skyward/ sinew cracks
on muscle, knurled & bunched against endeavour.
the Referee comprised of time/ inimitable
& just as cruel/ calls


we strive at the heart of the world
knowing each degree/ each inch of continental shift
will sink valleys of turf /raise mountain ranges
capped with bruised black earth

re-draw the borders/ five yards from home
we will/ with respect drive you off the edge
of the world/ we are a company joined
we became a monolith in commemoration of your loss

in twenty eight minutes we will respect your commiseration
salute your rout/ with a handshake and a pint/ in another life,
we will be gracious in defeat/ but for now
we are the unstoppable force/ to your immovable object

now there is only the work
and the moment till the work begins.