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The Body and the Blood

I pray for flesh
& sweat & salt slick tangled/ arms and legs.

My Lover who’s art is heaven/ Hallowed be thy name

the head/ needs sense/ tacit tense
flirtation/the gut & cock need part on part relations/ realest fucking

hurt me fucking/ un-stitch and remake me fucking/
any man that does not dream/ of being consumed whole

eaten alive/ melding/ obliterating ones self in the flesh of his lover
is a damn liar/ sure sex is cool but

Thine will be done/ till clit is numb

have you ever been made to cum into coma?
sure sex is cool but/

this night as it will eternal/ bless us each day with ravenous head

have you ever tried being fucked/ by the woman
you make love with?

punish each of my trespasses/ as we punish those who trespass against us

surrendering your will to a vain and capricious goddess?
partaking the sacrament of body and blood?

Let thine be my kingdom/ my power and my glory

sure sex is cool but/ have you tried church?
she is church/ I am slain with the spirit/ I worship on my knees.

forever and ever/ amen



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