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200 Years of the Modern Prometheus

‘Frankenstein Sad Blue’  Lydia Chrysanthou  - pen ink and brush

‘Frankenstein Sad Blue’
Lydia Chrysanthou
- pen ink and brush

Its been 200 years since the 21 year old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley finished and published a work that would come to define the concept of science fiction.

This Bicentenary is being celebrated around the world with talks, concerts and art creation. In my Home city of Birmingham a Plethora of events under the Frankenstein 200 .I’m Performing one of my first Poems to come out of a recent experiment in Bin-aural performance poetry.

Inspired by the first moments of the monsters new Life, BREACH will be showcased live at the Conservatoire on their fantastic 10.2 surround system on Halloween @7:30 .

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