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Making Hay...

Taking the Plunge, and Creating a dedicated Home for my Work online is something I have avoided for an age.

There was something off about the idea of an online portfolio.

Equal Parts monolithic and... entirely temporal. 

thousands of pages but no paper.

A library full of blank books.

It freaked me out.

But Upon calming down and looking at my practice. The frequency with which I create and the volume of work I generate, it became pretty clear that the Part of digital portfolio-ness I could benefit from the most was the almost instant ability to reach out to you.

It is the simplest and most elegant way to let me know what you think, about the scene that has been scratching around inside my head.

or about the verse behind my eyelids.

So I am drawing back My online presence entirely. 

You'll still find me kicking about on Twitter and Instagram.

But the majority of my Focus Is gonna be on Building an army of Dark little stories, Perfect configurations of words and impossible scenes...begging to be staged.

Speaking of which. I have a few new taster scenes for ideas I am working on atm 

Take a Look.