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[Appears from bushes] Hey... wanna hear my Podcast?

Yes, I've gone there.

My experiments in audio (and fruitful attempts to keep living) over the past few months have culminated in a Podcast about poetry. and Im rather proud of it.

Site and Logo!

Site and Logo!

I pulled together a staff of 3,
2 editor/producers: Kallen Daynes and Gavin Randhawa  as well as an Associate producer/ Social media Manager: Ella Cockerton.
They are fantastic people, the sort that are unfortunately rare in the student body of most campuses. Creatively talented, genuine grafters with serious work ethic that have so far worked with me to  generate two fantastic episodes despite my flaky health and need for short notice rescheduling because of it. they have persevered to help me make some quality work.


So yeah... I have a podcast. Click the Pic above to check it out.