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5 0 0 0 H U R T S

This Insane thing is Just the Beginning, I have a Poetry Pamphlet, Published by Burning Eye Books, released in October 2019. that might just be the start of something.

the book is A poetic experiment in the act of making poem from trauma, 5000 HURTS uses Tinnitus, rather than scarring or viscera as its central metaphor in an attempt to get closer to the poetic truth of contemporary suffering and our relationship with ‘hurting’.

But, more than this its an experiment in what I can do on the page, there are poems that are impossible to perform, poems that are announcements, poems that are ritual magic, train announcements, safety briefings, dreams. this is as far as I felt comfortable reaching into the void with a familiar subject to guide me.
and the first time I have seeded any work with elements of myself.

I Fucking hope you feel it. I really do.

5000 HURTS is available from the ThinkwriteFly Shop from the 18th of October 2019