Writer, Poet, Antagonist



I am small / I am weightless / I am pitch black / I am endless / I am five foot nine and listless / I am tiny / sleep and wake less / I am ten more pills from nothingness / I’m one more verse from relevance / I’m Damilola / I’m Nuriddin / I leave footprints / I am paper thin / I shun comfort / I crave warmth / I tunnel under border walls / I am cool and calm and effervescent / I am three yards of smile and pleasantness /  I breathe ether / I eat sin / I will not let the sunlight in / I serve no masters/ I flaunt my chains / I smile until I feel okay/ I think I’m burning / I’ll be fine / I want you to have a good time / I’m Eckford / I am Miss Simone / I fuck couplets/ I’m best left alone / I’m Obama / O.J. / Crosby/ Ali / I’m suspect until proven guilty / I have my hands up/ I can’t breathe / I can’t help you/ I think you should leave / I work hard / I’m abhorred / I only clap on two and four / I am the one who will do time / I hide my fears in broken rhyme / I’m Creflo Dollar/ Abbot/ Glover / I’m one more blank eyed welfare mother / I’m dark enough for stop and search / I am not black enough for church /  I’m Greenwood Tulsa / Brixton / Toxteth / I am furious &  I am lost / so I cast shadows / I set locks / I build forts of sticks and rocks / &  I stay so small & endless /  I stay five foot nine and listless /   I stay pitch & black & sleepless /  & I live & live & live.