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Creative Projects


5000 HURTS


Poetry Pamphlet, Published by Burning Eye Books, released in October 2019.

A poetic experiment in the act of making poem from trauma, 5000 HURTS uses Tinnitus, rather than scarring or viscera as its central metaphor in an attempt to get closer to the poetic truth of contemporary suffering and our relationship with ‘hurting’.

5kh is the frequency of trauma. The tone of the remnants our strange and painful interactions with each other leave behind, the sound of broken connections effectively masked by the myriad ways we avoid engagement with reality, the noise of hundreds of little wrongs, the combined volume of which deafen us nonetheless.⠀

“Adrian is a writer that jars normal conventions of poetry. Each poem shapes a new journey, at times feeling like a time warp - juxtaposing language within modern settings. 5000 Hurts breathes as much healing as it does rage, and reflection.” - Yomi Sode

"A daydream of a collection painted with the brushes of a fine artist. A mediation of pain, politics, trauma and identity that will change every time I read it. Textured with flourishes of language and framed with heart-breaking form, Earle's debut collection feels fresh, timely and reminds me of Warsan Shire" -Ciarán Hodgers

5000 HURTS is available from the Thinkwritefly Shop from the 18th of October 2019


Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal


Co founded By Myself and Three amazing poetry sisters Naush Sabah, Olivia Hodgson and Suna Afshan. Poetry Birmingham is a quarterly journal of poetry, reviews and poetics, ensconced in design inspired by the city of Birmingham and art that graces the walls and archives of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Poetry Birmingham places the UK’s second city firmly at its centre. It revives the tradition of drawing creative minds to its streets and institutions to forge brave new work. check it out at www.poetrybirmingham.com

‘WORDS’ Workshop Poetry Night

A curated Space, every third Wednesday of the month. Currently Above the Woodman Pub on New Canal Street, Birmingham. Words is a Space for Cover Poems, Experimental Verse and Works In progress. We are By poets For Poets. You can Find performances On VerseFirst’s youtube channel.

SpaceWang/ Parrotshoot

Spacewang Written by Tom Wells Directed by @Think/Write/Fly Parrotshoot Written and Directed by Think/Write/Fly Creative Direction: @VinitaF22 Starring Karen Mann as both Nora & Lola Produced by the Paperball Collective 2015


VerseFirst Productions/ VerseFirst Poetry Podcast

VerseFirst productions is Media project, dedicated to showing the world the best of what west midlands Poetry has to offer.


the VFPoetryPodcast began as a passion project in 2018. featuring interviews with your next favourite poet on the creation of their work, and the craft of verse, Episodes that centre the Politics, Philosophy and culture that drives Poets to make art. These musings on verse are accompanied by unique studio and set readings of some of the most fantastic artists of both page and stage.

I wanted to build something I craved when I first started writing.

media that centres the questions of poetic creation, talked about the events happening in the community and let me hear the voices of the poets I respect on issues that were relevant for me.

So here it is.

the VerseFirst Poetry Podcast.


Performed at the Frankenstein 200: Bicentennial of the Modern Prometheus @ the Birmingham Conservatoire. this Immersive Media Poem, comprised of Performance, Sound design and Layered sound samples. was designed to be performed in darkness.


Ntozake Shange’s ‘for colored girls’ @ the Blue Orange theatre

Film Poem Performance of Dark Phrases from: "for colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuf " by Ntozake Shange
Music: Magnús Trygvason Eliassen from ADHD
Directed By: ThinkWriteFly,
Director of Photography: Vinita B
Starring: Natasha Simone - Lady in Blue,
Chanelle Calvin - Lady in Yellow,
Ntombi Shibambo- Lady in Green,
Holly Allana- Lady in Purple,
Karen Mann- Lady in Red
Paulette- Lady in Brown
Meenal Odeedra- Lady in Orange

The 2014 Run at the Blue orange theatre

Speech Direction, Sound Design and Movement direction by ThinkWriteFly
creative direction, Lighting design, and Costume Design by Vinita B


Natasha Simone - Lady in Blue,
Chanelle Calvin - Lady in Yellow,
Ntombi Shibambo- Lady in Green,
Holly Allana- Lady in Purple,
Karen Mann- Lady in Red
Paulette- Lady in Brown

one of the proudest moments of the Collective, and my greatest honour to direct a choreopoem so close to my heart.